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The Game Ft. Drake – 100 [Official Music Video]

Whoever’s idea it was to drop the official music video to “100” from The Game Ft. Drake, deserves a raise or a medal or something. Let’s be honest, The Game …

Ghastly – Lil Trick (◕,,,◕) [Free Download]

Ghastly has been rather quiet as of late, but make no mistake, it hasn’t been all for not. Releasing his latest track, “Lil Trick,” on Soundcloud yesterday, Ghastly showed off …

Stream Lil Dicky’s ‘Professional Rapper’ Album Ft. Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, Hannibal Burress

Lil Dicky first captured our hearts when he released his clever, parody-like music video “Ex-Boyfriend” over 2 years ago as it hit the front page of reddit back in 2013. …

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