Virus (How About Now)
13 Oct 2014 | Big Room

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Bassnectar To Premiere New Music In This Weeks ‘Silicon Valley’

If you aren’t watching Silicon Valley on HBO then you are missing out on some quality television. Just google maximum tip to tip efficiency if you don’t believe me…. Bassnectar …

tyDi – Redefined (feat. Melanie Fontana) [Official Video]

A month ago I had no idea who tyDi was… then my artists opened for him and I can now say I’m a lifelong fan. He literally has some of … Continue reading ...

Cazzette – Together (Ft. Newtimers)

Man, Cazzette has done a hell of a job of constantly reinventing themselves to stay relevant. I know some people argue against this…. but google instinctive adaptation. How can you …

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